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Food & Nonfood stalls in 2021

We provide an exciting selection of food and shopping stalls at the festival venue for both children and adults. Everything from clothing sales, jewelry, face painting, balloons and festival gimmicks, to food specialties, desserts and local dishes from around the world. We are very excited about our carnival visitors get their senses challenged, and at the same time being entertained and get a proper good experience.

We therefore plan to vary as many different products as possible, to provide a wide range of stalls, and therefore treat the applications according to the ‘first come first’ principle. We like the environment and love ecology and sustainability, just like we love creative, fun and different stalls, so nothing’s too crazy to apply for!

We do not want staggering sky-high festival prices, so we also look for pricing to be a good selection for any wallet. Placement of stalls is selected where we feel that they will best fit.

Rules for setting up stalls

Food stalls must comply with Danish law, and the responsibility for maintaining this lies on the applicant. Prices must be visible on the front of the stall, and easy to see from distance. No drinks may be served from food stalls. Clean up around the storage area must be regularly, so that it do not flush with food leftovers and garbage.

Nonfood stalls must not sell copyrights and must comply with Danish law, and the responsibility for maintaining this lies on the applicant. No food or drinks may be sold or any other goods not specified and approved in the application. Prices of goods must be visible from distance. Clean up around the stall must be kept so it does not flush with garbage.

The setup of tables and benches is free but requires special permission and must be of a special festival type. Parasols may be set over tables, light chains and other festive ornaments too. Keep in mind, that all festival guests must use these, including those who have not bought items in your stall. You have to make sure that the area around is cleaned regularly for food residue so the area around always looks nice.

Send your application to Minna Kondrup Vester
Deadline for application: March 31, 2021